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Michele’s self-titled CD is her first release.

According to Da Vibe “Songs from the Soul would have been an apt title for this CD, because it is a revelation into the woman that is.” The songs yearn for an audience and you can’t help but give in and listen. The rhythms call out to you, pulling you in, visibly evoking feelings and emotions. The lyrics cut to the core and are poignant, flowing and tender.

Michele has traversed the great divide that some Caribbean artists fall into when trying to go mainstream. The mastery of this album is that you don’t think of it as mainstream. It’s just plain good music that makes you feel, and once that happens, you’re hooked.

1. Code Red
2. Why
3. Where Are You Now
4. The Beat Goes On
5. Help Me
6. A River
7. Deja Vu
8. Rose Street

US $22.00 (EC $60.00)
Includes shipping to US, Canada, UK, Europe.


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