Kalinago Blood


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Kalinago Blood by Alick Lazare

Kalinago Blood tells the story of the Kalinago people: their struggle to preserve their culture and heritage, their last stand amidst the densely forested mountains of Dominica, and the triumph of their resistance even unto death. It is the story of Indian Warner, the child of a romance between Barbe, a captive Igneri woman who betrayed her kin to gain the love of the white governor of St. Kitts; the story of the treachery of his half-brother Philip who, jealous of his success in love and war, murdered him.

Barbe, a hundred years old after a life of persistent tragedy and loss, tells this story of love and betrayal, sex and violence, witchcraft and shamanism, a story told with admiration and respect for a people generous in nature and brave in spirit; a vivid portrayal of the beauty and splendor of the land they had lived in and preserved for more than a hundred years.

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