Jewels of the Caribbean


This collection of 15 short stories features writers from across the Caribbean. Three of the stories are contributed by authors from Dominica including Brother by Kristine Simelda, which was mentioned as one of the three outstanding stories in the anthology.

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This is what the publisher, Potbake Productions, has to say about “Jewels of the Caribbean”:

“Somewhere out there, hidden in the countless and perhaps dusty manuscripts, lies the untapped wealth of West Indian literary genius, trembling to manifest itself publicly, not necessarily for the sale of acclaim, but to share the jackpot of fertile Caribbean imaginations with anyone who would take the time to notice.

But the dilemma remains: how, as an emerging writer does one succeed in the publishing arena? Understanding this need for continued and deserved exposure of active minds, Potbake Productions has published another anthology of short stories by the region’s finest emerging writers”.

Jewels of the Caribbean

Jewels of the Caribbean – West Indian Short Stories


Paperback: 151 pages

Published: Potbake Productions, 2014

ISBN: 978-976-95236-9-2

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 inches